20101207-DSC_526720101207-DSC_5202 Golden West Billiard Manufacturing builds your pool table for you when you order it. Nothing is mass produced. Every piece of your table is made in our Portland, Oregon Factory. Golden West Billiard Manufacturing is exactly what it implies. We do all of our own in house Laminating, Wood Turning, and Wood Carving. We do not buy parts from overseas. Golden West starts with the finest kiln dried hardwoods to create unsurpassed quality products one at a time, just for you. In 1968 Golden West Billiard Manufacturing presented their quality furniture style pool tables into the marketplace. We were, and still are, unique in the quality design and engineering concepts that have made Golden West Billiards the benchmark in the industry today. Golden West is simply the best AMERICAN manufacturer of pool tables in the world! All Golden West pool tables are manufactured in the United States! For over 40 years Golden West has been the leading manufacturer of quality pool, billiard, and snooker tables built in the USA. All components are manufactured at our factory in Portland, Oregon. AMERICAN built and PROUD of it! Check out the GoldenWest Mfg website for more info.

——————————————————————————————————————————– Golden West Billiards, MFG. is a family owned and operated company which started manufacturing in the late 1960’s. Our products are sold worldwide, and the main reason for our success is quality and control of our products. Golden West Billiard equipment is truly in a class by itself with our emphasis on detail. Golden West is considered, by many billiard experts, to be the standard of excellence for the industry. We are the ONLY pool table manufacturer that does all our own designing in-house. We have been the industry leader in product design, with many patents granted us over the years. ———————————————————————————————————————————- Rail Options Our rails are available in many custom woods, finishes, and stains. Our oil and wax finish guarantees that with minimum care you can maintain the rails to a fine furniture look.We can hand inlay mother of pearl and abalone diamond sights, coins, trinkets, and other materials into the rail cap to personalize your billiard table. We use the finest hardwoods available to create a stunning top for your table. The following materials have been used to augment a table’s beauty.

  • Cherry Wood
  • Ebony
  • Figured Walnut
  • Fishtail Oak
  • Lacewood
  • Quarter Sawn Oak
  • Rosewood
  • Wenge
  • Zebrawood

Again, we can build your rails from most any hardwood you desire. Further, Golden West is a pioneer in the development of the 2 piece rail assembly using 8/4 quality hardwood and a sub rail with a hardwood rail cap, which is connected to the slate with a 3/8 four prong 1/2 inch barrel tee nut. This has become a standard in the industry, except the competition will not spend the money needed. They would rather use a 5/16 aluminum 3 prong tee nut and bolt into the wood rather than making the correct connection. ——————————————————————————————————————————————– Woods and Stains   You are looking at images of wood on a computer screen. Every tree is different and every computer screen is different. These images represent the samples we have as well as possible. We can also do custom match stains, finishes, and woods for your table.   —————————————————————————————————————————————- Warranty   All Golden West pool tables have a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects. Every component is guaranteed, except the cloth, cushions, and pockets, to the original purchaser as long as it was purchased from Golden West Billiards or an authorized dealer or agent. Commercially used pool tables are Not covered by this warranty. This warranty is void if the Golden West pool table is NOT installed or serviced by Golden West Billiards or its authorized dealers or agents. The lifetime warranty does NOT apply to damage resulting in shipping, accidents, alterations, abuse, misuse, fire, flood, earthquake, or any natural calamity. The Golden West Warranty only applies to the original owner and is non transferable. Check out the Golden West Mfg website for more information.