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$5,900.00 $5,299.00
$5,900.00 $5,299.00


Our Covid statement.

Here at Westcoast Billiards we are a small family business. We live in Maple Ridge with our three kids, we manufacture pool tables from the shop on our property and sell other pool tables from our website. This COVID-19 is dramatically affecting our business. As of the quarantine we are sitting home with a shop full of wood and very little calls. The only two people that work here are myself (Simon) and my wife, Reena.

What a table order and delivery from us will look like today. The two of us will go directly to the supplier and pick up your pool table. It will get loaded up on into our trailer and get delivered directly to your house, with no stops in between.  We wear gloves and wipe down every surface of the pool table and accessories before bringing it into your house. Once loaded, we will put on new gloves and a mask and keep our 6′ social distance from anyone in the house. We will completely set up your pool table in the desired location of your choice. Should take approx 2 hours. Once finished we will load up all tools and garbage into our truck. At that point we will come back in and wipe down every surface we were near, the complete pool table, all the accessories, and even mop the floor in the pool table room with disinfectant. After that we head back home and wipe down the tools we used and put our clothes directly into the wash. We take this COVID-19 very seriously.

The Napa is available in 4×8 or 3.5×7

Solid Wood Construction
Solid Wood Legs
Rustic Finish
Drop Pockets
Price Includes
Deluxe Accessory Package
Any Cloth Colour You Choose
Free Delivery & Installation