Professional Pool Table Services

At Westcoast Pool Table, service is our specialty. We can help you with any of your pool table needs. If your pool table needs recovering after years of use or you have a fixer upper that needs professional pool table repair, don’t let a great table go to waste.

Services We Offer:

  • Table Setup: If you just moved into the area or purchased a new/used pool table and the table itself is in the room where it is to be installed, this is the service you are looking for. We position the table for optimum playability or to the customer’s specifications.
  • Table Moves- Prices quoted are for 3 piece slate pool tables only* We offer a safe and secure move for your pool table. Our installers will carefully disassemble your table, pack it carefully, and deliver it safely to your new location. Then they will reassemble, re-level, and recover your table in the best position in your new home.
  • Re-Cloth- Our installers will recover your table with your choice of cloth. Your table will be re-leveled and the seams of the slate will be re-sealed before we recover. We carry Championship, Simonis, and Hainsworth felt in every color and pattern imaginable including custom designs. If your table is looking a little worn, new flooring put in or maybe you’re just redecorating your poolroom and the cloth color no longer matches, give us a call today for a quote on having the cloth replaced.
  • Re-Level- Minor Leveling Often re-leveling your pool table can be achieved by adjusting the legs (tables with leg levelers) or by adding/removing shims beneath the legs. This is all that is required if the playing surface is flat. *Major Leveling if the level reading is different on all three pieces of slate, the rails and bed cloth need to be removed so that the slates can be adjusted to create a flat playing surface. In most cases, the slate will need to be removed also.
  • Re-Rubber- The old cushions and cushion facings are removed and the rail facings are cleaned of all glue. New cushions are applied. This service is normally done at the same time new cloth is put on the pool table. We only use high quality cushions and cushion facings to replace your tired and worn out cushions.
  • Dismantle This service may be needed if you are moving or installing new flooring. The pool table is dismantled and all of the pieces are marked to guarantee that the table will be re-assembled correctly. The pool table is then stacked neatly in place to the customer’s satisfaction.